Fabrics and Materials

Martinelli fabrics and materials—we just love to play with styles and colours!

Martinelli is distinct for its meticulous research into materials. Scrupulously selected European-based suppliers ensure top-quality products, capable of satisfying even the most demanding of parents. The Atelier Martinelli was established to express beauty in each and every detail. Our exclusive Martinelli products, made with luxurious materials, have been designed for those who wish to provide their children with the very best. Attention to detail, craftsmanship care and the meticulous monitoring of all the production processes enable us to create sophisticated and exclusive solutions that are truly one of a kind.


Martinelli chassis offer superior performance in design, materials and Made In Italy technology, ensuring complete comfort and agility across all types of terrain. The vast selection of Martinelli chassis allows us to satisfy the requirements of each and every parent, ensuring resilience, durability and a lightweight design. Martinelli pram chassis are available in different finishes.

Anodised aluminium chassis

A matte finish that bestows an elegant satin appearance.

Polished aluminium chassis

Hand-brushed, with a glossy, smooth surface that gives the chassis striking luminosity.

Chrome-plated iron chassis

Maximum solidity and an unmistakable glossy, polished appearance.

Fabrics and other Materials

Gregor Collection

The Gregor fabric used for the exterior of our prams is made by an Italian company based on a family tradition handed down “thread by thread” through the generations. The firm stands out for its excellence-driven production.


Perfect practicality and resilience. Aesthetics are bolstered by maximum functionality.


A versatile jersey fabric widely used in the car industry for its comfort and resilience.


A unique, soft-to-the-touch and resilient material that offers infinite expressive possibilities. Luxurious, versatile and contemporary, Alcantara® is the preferred choice of designers for numerous applications (car interiors, yachts, furnishings and accessories).


The material of materials: prestigious and boasting exclusive aesthetics, it is synonymous with class and sophistication.


Wicker is a slender yet strong, light-coloured filament derived from the very interior of the rattan plant and traditionally used to make cradles. Elegant, versatile and breathable, it ensures maximum comfort even when out walking. Martinelli wicker products are handmade in the Lake Como district and are characterised by a style merging both tradition and modernity.

Matelassé Cotton

The internal lining of Martinelli prams, available in various colours, is made using the Matelassé cotton blend.