Atelier Martinelli. Your dream is about to come true!

The Atelier Martinelli is a space wholly dedicated to your dream. Here, we make prams and strollers that can be customised with style and elegance in keeping with our traditional values. It is the beating heart of the company, where dreams become reality; the key to accessing an exclusive world.

You’ll fall in love!

The Martinelli team will be alongside you all the way as you discover the range of customisation possibilities available. You will enjoy luxurious fabrics, elegant accessories and unique materials and learn how to create your perfect pram, thanks to the expert craftsmanship of specialised tailors.

We’re always inspiring you with new ideas.

At the Atelier Martinelli, you will find all the ideas and inspiration you need to create your dream pram, combining innovative solutions and contemporary design. Our style and design proposals are always mindful of changing fashion trends.

Elegance, Italian manufacturing traditions and functionality are our core values, adopted to satisfy the preferences of parents and offer their children an optimally comfortable and extremely safe experience. The pram will be the first important place to accommodate your child, meaning that it must be made with great care. With this spirit, we will make your dream come true. Welcome to the Atelier Martinelli!