Base i-Size

The safest way to attach the car seat to the car.

The Martinelli i-Size base is approved in compliance with the ECE R 129 standard, it is easily attached to the Isofix attachments of the vehicle without using the safety belt.

One base, 2 car seats and 4 years of safety together.

You can use Martinelli Base i-Size with its first Primo Viaggio Lounge car seat and later with the Viaggio FF105 car seat (approved for 1 to 4 years).

Martinelli Base i-Size features:


  • ECE R 129 approved, from 0-20 kg.
  • Compatible with the Primo Viaggio Lounge and Viaggio FF105 car seats.
  • Indicators for proper connection of the base to the vehicle.
  • Blind Lock system: prevents the car seat from being released unintentionally by another passenger.
  • Load leg with adjustable height.
  • Connects with the car’s Isofix attachment.
  • WARNING: check the car user manual to verify tat is fitted with ISOFIX attachments.

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i-Size base - Instruction Manual FI_PDF_MARTINELLI_ISIZE_BASE 483553 Download