Siesta follow me

From stylish high chair to comfortable recliner.

The Martinelli Siesta follow me high chair is the ideal solution for people who are always looking for the best for their child. Practical and functional at mealtimes, it is suitable from birth and can also be used as a comfortable recliner for your baby's naps.

The high quality of the materials and the refined design are the result of a rigorously made in Italy artisanal study. The soft eco-leather seat is decorated with tailoring details and a silver-hued trim that echoes the luminous elegance of the chrome-plated frame. The back of the backrest is decorated with a precious metal plate on which you can engrave the name of your child for a truly unique personalised item.

Thanks to the Stop&Go system, Martinelli Siesta follow me follows you everywhere. The brake lock system is sibling-proof.

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